Crosses carved

The cross is a well-known Christian symbol, into which we who believe in God carry our lives, looking at it with confidence, hope and love.
Sign of the Cross accompanies us Christians from birth to death, marking two moments of life. Thus the cross speaks of purification, the baptism, of atonement in life, the wedding blessing and triumph after death. Not coincidentally, people build crucifixes or crosses the crossroads or in cemeteries to everlasting memory of loved ones.

With a very wide diversity, in different areas of the country and the social status of the person who raises it up, considering the religious or foreign influences, the Cross is always present in our lives. Being a very wide diversity after areas of the country after the social status of the person who picks it up, considering the religious or foreign influences, the Cross is always present in our lives.

The Romanians have a cult of unique hallow of the Cross between Christian countries, but only us, only at the Romanians you will meet so many crosses scattered along and across the country. Wooden Crosses are the expression of the spirituality of this nation hardened so hard and long. The Romanian people fought under the sign of the cross in history and conquered many times, Stefan cel Mare built over centuries churches and monasteries, evidence of victory Christians against pagans.

Funeral Crosses made of oak wood carry or not the crucifixion on them, being decorated with Maramures motifs: rosettes, felloe, sun, wolf teeth - reminiscent of ancient folk art, full of magical symbols. They can have different sizes from small to huge monuments.
We can make small blessing crosses for priests or houses, to be exposed on a wall or on a desk or table of the Holy altar.

The foot of the cross can be carved like a rope or may have carved decorative elements applied from different wood species to create a nice contrast. The cross can have side décor that gives balance and uniqueness: springs, joints wooden panels carved with saints and angels. Crosses can be covered with shingles, can be oiled or varnished or even painted, thus ensuring a better resistance over time. Using the oak tree as material, being a hardwood becomes more resistant to sculpture and is not fragile like fir wood, which is less used when you wish to decorate the cross.

In general, crosses are consecrated by priest when they are built so that divinity can "work" through them; give hope and devotion of those who will worship them.